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ACS Fact Sheet

2006 ACS Consortium Financial Offer

The E-Only Option
The electronic-only option allows you to save money while ensuring access to a minimum of 24 ACS titles online (listed below).  Your institution pays only 90% of the total value of their print subscriptions in order to gain access to all these titles.  If you still wish to maintain print copies of certain journals, you can subscribe to these for 25% of the normal international print price.

24 Core Titles Included in ACS Consortium Offer:

Analytical Chemistry
Bioconjugate Chemistry
Biotechnology Progress
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Chemical Reviews
Chemistry of Materials
Energy and Fuels
Environmental Science and Technology
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Inorganic Chemistry
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data
Journal of Chemical Information and Modelling – Name Change in 2005!
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Journal of Natural Products
Journal of Organic Chemistry
Journal of Physical Chemistry A&B
Organic Process Research and Development

Print plus Web
If you currently only have paper subscriptions you can add online access for only 15% of your total print value. This will give you online access to not only those titles which you take in print but all of the above too.

The New Titles
The ACS has launched eight new journals since 1997.  Electronic-only access is also available for these publications in 2005. Two of these journals, Organic Letters and Nano Letters, are the most highly cited in their respective categories according to the ISI citation index 2001.

  • Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry - in the top ten of Chemistry, Multidisciplinary with a 5.193 impact factor, 2002 ISI®
  • Organic Letters - leads all journals in organic chemistry with a 3.715 impact factor, 2002 ISI®
  • Crystal Growth and Design
  • Biomacromolecules
  • Nano Letters - in the top ten of Chemistry, Multidisciplinary with a 5.033 impact factor, 2002 ISI®
  • Journal of Proteome Research
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics - New in 2004!
  • Journal of Chemical Theory & Computation – New in 2005!


The total 2005 print price for these journals is US$11,863. However, the ACS is offering these on-line only for just 13% of your institution’s expenditure.  If your institution already takes a subscription to one of the new titles we will adjust this percentage to take the subscription into account.  In addition, the ACS has placed a cap of US$ 2,700 on this fee so no institution will pay more than this amount.

Molecular Pharmaceutics – New in 2004 and 2005
You may be interested to know that in 2004 ACS launched a new bi-monthly journal, Molecular Pharmaceutics.  This publication offers high quality research on molecular mechanistic approaches to the development of bio-available drugs and delivery systems. The main focus for research is the integration of applications of the chemical and biological sciences to advance the development of new drugs and delivery systems.  For further information on the journal visit

New in 2005! Journal of Chemical Theory & Computation
In 2005 the ACS are launching a new bi-monthly journal, Journal of Chemical Theory & Computation.  This publication is intended to provide a central communication forum for computational and theoretical chemists in the chemical physics and physical chemistry communities.  For more information including Editorial Boards for each journal and the aims and scope, please refer to the journal’s home page: 

Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences – Name change in 2005!
ACS Publications Division is pleased to announce that in order to clarify the scope and focus of the Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, which has been published by the ACS since 1974 (originally titled Journal of Chemical Documentation), the journal will be renamed Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.  For more information including Editorial Boards for each journal and the aims and scope, please refer to the journal’s home page:

ACS Archives

Consortium members can subscribe to the archive for the special rate of 10% of their total journal expenditure. In addition to this if you take the e-only option your archive fee will be calculated using the 90% e-only expenditure as a base instead of the 100% print price, thus offering further savings.  Please note that the favourable 10% fee for the archive is only available if you also subscribe to the ‘new titles’ package.  If you choose not to take the new titles then your archive fee will revert to standard pricing.  The ACS archive contains issues which date back to 1879, providing access to over 500,000 articles.  The archive is charged on an annual subscription basis.  ACS has also capped this fee so no institution would pay more than US$ 4,800. For further information visit:

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